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What Is PlagSpotter?

PlagSpotter is an online duplicate content checking and monitoring tool. Check your whole site for duplicate content or automatically monitor your pages for plagiarism on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also offer SEO copywriting service.

How Does PlagSpotter Work?

Check Your Whole Site for Duplicate Content

Enter your URL to get a detailed list of sources (sites) that duplicate your content. Login and use our Batch Search feature to check your whole site by providing a sitemap or copy/pasting the URLs that need to be checked.

Track Down Plagiarists Who Steal Your Content

Get a List of Sources and Percent of the Matched Content

Once you receive the duplicate content report, see a comprehensive list of URLs that contain your matched content as well as see where the matched content is located.

Get a List of Sources and Percent of Matched Content

Check the Originality of Your Content

On the duplicate content report page, see a detailed, sentence-by-sentence view of how much text content is duplicated on your page, and how many external sites contain each specific excerpt of your copied text.

Automatically Monitor Your Content For Plagiarism

Automatically Monitor Your Content For Plagiarism

PlagSpotter allows you to automatically monitor your selected URLs for duplicate content. We will scan your content on a daily or weekly basis, detect plagiarism and notify you by email of the % of duplication.

Protect Your Web Content With PlagSpotter

Protect Your Web Content With PlagSpotter

Embed the "Protected by PlagSpotter" badge on your site to warn potential plagiarists from stealing your content. If someone steals your content, take measures to remove it from unwanted sites using our recommendations.

Why Users Love Us?

Why Users Love Us?

SEOs and Developers Love Our API

Our duplicate content checking API allows to check both online and offline text for plagiarism as well as integrate our software into custom built systems.

Use PlagSpotter to Avoid Google Penalties

Writers Use PlagSpotter to Detect Plagiarists

Writers and Editors run their web content through PlagSpotter to find plagiarists who steal their original content and attribute its copyright to themselves.

Use PlagSpotter to Get Recognition

Bloggers Use PlagSpotter to Track Reposts

Bloggers and journalists use PlagSpotter to find sites that repost their content and either do not reference the original source or do not mention the original author name.

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